Tooth and Claw (A Comedy of Nature)

by Novus spero

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Recorded January - May 2015 in San Diego, Escondido, and Hemet, CA


released May 10, 2015

Jesse McMahon - lyrics, vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, samples, production
Mike Groves - drums, drum engineering
Julia Bietz - vocals



all rights reserved


Novus spero San Diego, California

Experimental / indie project formerly based in Hemet, CA, then Flagstaff, AZ, and now in San Diego, CA.

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Track Name: Hurry Up and Wait
I’m a thousand miles away
But the postscript of your letter hangs
Like a paper gallows
Black ink bespeaks in stark relief
A longing we must keep concealed
In origami hearts
“I want to kiss you but I can’t
And I want to touch you but I can’t
Come home to me
So I can die in your arms
Hurry up and wait”

Does he suspect that we’re more than friends
When he calls to wonder where you are?
Late at night, riding in my car
A thousand miles, we could start today
If you’d shed your ring and sink into me
You turn away as I say
"I’m at your mercy, do your worst
You know I’m yours if you would only say the words
I want to kiss you but I can’t
And I want to touch you but I can’t
You can plead and curse
But someone’s gotta get hurt"
Hurry up and wait

(If you love me let me go)
Track Name: Gang Member (Stone Age)
Two neighborhoods separated
By a freeway overpass
When the well dries
And the gardens decay
You can bet the kids
Will all be lined up at the barricades
While we beat the drums
To all our stone age fears
Stone age fears
Cause everyone at heart
Is a gang member
Comrade, where’s your stars and stripes?

All the tender lambs will gather round
When the shepherd calls the fire down
Though his stained-glass god don’t live here no more
We’ll burn those heathens
Even if we have to use our hooves as flints
A single fury, yoked by visions
From our stone age seers
Stone age seers
But everyone at heart
Is a gang member
Comrade, where’s your stars and stripes?
Track Name: Until it Hurts
The dogs in the fields
Take blood for blood
Predator and prey
Both are by the soil claimed
Do you have the strength?
To bare your neck to their frightened fangs?

We gotta love until it hurts
And it will hurt more than you know
Cause it’s when you love the most
That the knife cuts deepest in

Before the sun explodes
And the oceans boil
Before our names are wiped
From the shriveled loam
Before the last wind blows
And we speak no more
Before our petty works are turned to ash
Will we feel some spark of empathy?
Will we feel some spark of anything?

We gotta love until it hurts
Love until it hurts
Cause there is no other way
Yeah there is no other way
To keep the soul we share aflame

Love until it hurts